Glass breaking tail cap for D Cell Maglite torch/Glass breaker

Tail cap glass breakers for D Cell Maglite torch 



The glass breaking cap is made from aluminium; the surface is treated by anticathode oxidation which improves the rigidity and anti-corrosion. And the sharpest part is made from tungsten steel. The tungsten steel is much harder than aluminium.

The tail cap glass breakers provides a safe and effective emergency escape tool for your home, vehicle, boat, airplane, or personal carry-on Maglite torch.



1. Replaces the Maglite tail cap directly and upgrades your Maglite torches, it has a function of breaking glass and could be an attacked tool.

2. Be a spare part in your car, the glass breaking tail cap is a small one, and does not occupy your car space.

3. A waterproofing space for taking some things in need in outdoor


Application knowledge:

1. Before breaking glass, protect your hands by wrapping around with soft cloth.

2. The glass would be broken more easily if hitting its any corners.



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